Thursday, February 10, 2011

Airtel 3g Review

3g Crazy
Finally for all those guys out there, who were desperately waiting (just like me) for the launch of Bharati Airtel's 3g network, it was finally launched in January 2011 in Chennai and Bangalore. The Airtel's 3g network started to show up in my 3g Sony Ericsson phone from last November itself ! I was so crazy about 3g that everyday I tried selecting the 3g network using manual network selection mode of my phone ;) (Was anyone else there like me uh?) But it never allowed me to use the 3g and it used to kick me out and send me back to 2g network. And finally my wait was over and I am on the 3g network right now. yes... :) :)

Is it really worth the hype???
You can take a look at their 3g tariff plans here. Well their plans are not so interesting as of now. I felt disappointed looking at their tariff plans. Comparing to the 2GB for Rs.98/- in their 2G network, all of their 3g plans look terribly disappointing!!

What about 3g speeds of upto 21 Mbps?
uh? That speed of 21mbps is just on paper. Please don't expect that! But certainly its much better than that of the 2g network speed.

So what to do??
As of now only BSNL 3g tariff looks like a better option. But who wants to switch over to BSNL?? So the keyword is "wait and watch". Let the tariffs come down!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I am back...

Hello all of my dear readers... Couldn't post anything for quite a long time.( because of my new job). I apologize for not quenching your geek thirst. I am back now. I hope to post a lot of interesting and useful stuff hereafter :)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New airtel GPRS plans

Hello friends,
finally we have got a good news from airtel about new New GPRS Packs.... i received the following sms...
Launching New GPRS Packs on EC. 1) RC98=2GB free, 30 days Val, 2) RC23=15MB free, 15 days Val, 3) RC58=25MB free, 30 days Val. Dial 171139 for info.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Java games for sony ericsson w200i mobile phone

Someone has shared his mobile phone's java games with others. His mobile phone seems to be sony ericsson w200i. That was interesting to me since i was also having the same w200 SE phone.

It was shocking to know that this nice little candy bar can even play 3D games!!! Wow, they are really cool 3D games. I would rate it as excellent, since i never expected that this little fellow can do this much. Below is the list of games shared by him (not me).

Heli.Strike.Advanced.Air.Combat.128x160.J2ME.Retai l-jadoo_iii

If you had tried any of them, then let me know how is it. All of them have a resoultion of 128x160 which is the maximum resolution supported by this w200i phone.

And finally the download link is here.
Download w200i 3D Games

Note: These 3D games can be played on any mobile phone with Java and resoultion higher 128x160.

Warning: There could be some copyrighted games in it. If you find so, then dont use them. Delete them immediately.

:) Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Airtel Unlimited GPRS Plans

Earlier we had unlimited GPRS plans from Airtel at about 20 Rs/day. It was really a very good plan. My friend told me that he uses Airtel, only because of this unlimited GPRS plan. But that plan was withdrawn weeks back (may be because of unfair usage from some users ??). But Airtel faced severe critism because of this. I know a few who started thinking of taking connection from Vodafone or AirCel because of this!!

But now there is some good news for the heavy Airtel GPRS users. It has introduced a new plan which goes this way.
Rate : Rs 20/day
Usage limit : 8 MB/day
Cost beyond free usage : 20 Paise / 50 KB

To activate this do this:
Send DP to 56789 (tollfree)

But I still doubt that this will become popular?? As 8 MB limit per day is way too low from my point of view, since Aircel is giving unlimited GPRS for rs 17/day and Vodafone is giving the same at rs 19/day.

Enjoy !!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1000 Rs LAPTOP for Indian Students

Indian government has planned to provide laptops at Rs 1000 to professional-science programme students.

The government has allocated Rs 5000 Crore for this project.

There was also a news that BSNL is planning to provide free internet service (at 2 MBps!!!) for all citizens... Well India seems to be on its way to be a information super power!!


  • Internet Browsing (Yes.. This is mainly meant for browsing internetonly)
  • Plays audio and video.
  • 256MB memory (RAM or HDD ??)
  • OS should be some flavour of Linux

I guess this might look something like this... Below is one of the cheap laptops given to African Students.

Monday, July 21, 2008

How to create fake screen shots of any websites

Imagine you could open any webpage, edit any part of page like a word document and then take a screen shot of it!!

Yes. It's possible with firefox and just a bookmarklet !!

Edit Current Website is a bookmarklet that helps you change content of any web page and that too live inside the firefox browser !!

No need to install any extensions like Firebug.
No need to know HTML/Photoshop etc !!

In IE7 you can right click on this link and select "Add to favourites". In Firefox drag it into your bookmark bar. Go to any website which you want to edit and open this bookmarklet. You can edit it as you like. Then take a screen shot or take a printout!!

Link :
Edit current website

Warning :
Please note that any edits are temporary and will disappear when you reload. Also use it at your own risk !!

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Go International - Get MBA from UBI, Belgium through Distance Education