Sunday, September 17, 2006

What to do if my gmail gets full ?

Update: Your Gmail is not yet full? I have a post which will help you to avoid getting gmail full.

Gmail gives a lot of storage space...but sometimes, even that 2+ GB is not sufficent for us !!!If you can follow my instructions then you can get all your email, even if its full !!

* Delete at least few emails with unnecessary big attachment. Even if you dont want to delete it then forward to any of your alternate mail boxes. Make sure that its 99% full but not 100%. It wont be a problem for you to receive any mail, here after.
(Usually you can delete the MP3 files stored in your Gmail !! Obviously you must be having those somewhere else in your ipod or your hard disk!! )

* Signup for another Gmail account. (Note: This is where all of your emails are going to come here after after some tweaks)

* Now, go to your inbox where its almost full. Then go to settings. There click on the tab link "Forwarding and POP"

* Fill it as shown below.

i.e., Forward a copy of incoming mail to [your new gmail id]
and select the option "delete Gmail copy"

* Thats it!! All your incoming emails would be forwarded to your new gmail box now.
your almost full old inbox will remain as it is !!!

[[[ I know that some of you must have already figured this out... But wait... advanced hacks are coming here in my next part !!! ]]]

Feel free to share your thoughts on this...


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Tom said...
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Anonymous said...

you should start by deleting all your spam!

Anonymous said...
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MAJ28 said...

You could also of course use the POP options to hook this up to your Outlook, create an archive and then burn the email to a DVD - if you're overly concerned about losing it.

Felipe said...

spam takes up no space in Gmail.

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