Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Free MP3 to MIDI Converter - My Search

Recently I was searching for a good MP3 tp MIDI converter to convert my classic songs to MIDI ringtones. I searched for a free or demo version of MP3 to MIDI Converter. But alas, i never found anything acceptably good.

MP3 to midi conversion is not a simple thing. It is like trying to get back tomato from a tomato sauce !! Wave and MP3 files contains actual sound in compressed format !! Where as midi doesn't contain any sound inside it, but it contains only the musical notes as shown below !!

T75 I107 V117 8*f3 8*A3 8*A3 8*f4
4*c4 4*C4 8*G3 4*c4 8*f3 8*g3 16*G3
16*A3 8*D4 8*c4 16*A3 d8*g3 8*f3
8*A3 8*A3 8*f4 4*f3 8*G3 8*c4 8*C4
16*f4 16*C4 ........

( I really donno what these mean?? Someone with musical notes knowledge should help me !! )

So the truth is that the conversion is really not a good idea !! You can find and download various products, claiming to convert mp3 to midi, as trial versions and see how good or bad the conversion is !!!

(Just do a Google search on "MP3 to midi conversion" - you can get a lot of them) Also note that there is no free mp3 to midi conversion utility as far as I know. Quality is very bad and cost is very high. Again none of them seem to deliver what they promise !!

But wait, you can create a midi files using online utilities if you know your song's musical notes Online MIDI Creator !! So this is suitable only for people with good music knowledge... Not for everyone !!! Just try to ping me back your thoughts on this !!!


Anonymous said...
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Jade said...

Midi files are good for websites because they are much smaller then mp3's. Because of this, this file type uses less resources and loads faster. Yes, MIDI's do not have the best quality in the world but -in my opinion- they are one of the best choices for on site background music (if you don't want your blog or website taking forever to load AND if you don't want bandwidth to be used up in a flash).

You might find if helpful to convert the mp3 file to WAV format before even entering the "MIDI arena." This can be done online and free at Media Convert. Keep in mind that while this is not a necessary step, it may be of help down the road.

As for converting your new WAV file to MIDI, this can be a bit of a challenge. Some free programs to try are Amazing Midi and Joy Ringtone. There are no online converters that I know of, currently.

Of course, just downloading music directly in the MIDI format may be easier then trying the whole conversion process:

For good hosting that supports .midi files, try Supload.

arun said...

Thank you.

Innovative said...

You can also try Intelliscore from It converts directly from MP3 to MIDI.

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