Friday, February 02, 2007

Integrating Adsense into free blogs

I have a blog (free version blog)
It has really good and look and feel and a lots of features compared to our blogger blogs!!
But it don't have some important features which Blogger provides. It don't have the facility to integrate Adsense into their blog. I tried everywhere to insert a piece of adsense code into my wordpress blog !!
Alas!! Finally I found that they dont allow any kind of advertisement in their free blog.
May we they might allow in the future ? But who knows!!
We have to wait and see for their updates.
Thumbs up for our blog as of now.

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Anonymous said...

Wordpress provides two services- Hosted blog and online-type blog.

Hosted blog needs a web host and a domain. You have to install wordpress software in the host. You can include adsense codes in this type of blogs. Joomla, drupal and many other sites provides such softwares to be installed in the host. But, of-course, wordpress is more famous.

online-type free-hosted blog is what you have referred in your post. Though it has better features than blogger, it lacks important features. You cannot add a third party theme, you cannot ad adsense code, you cannot add some html tags and sometimes, there is difficulty in embeddinng photos and videos. I hate these type of restrictions. Before knowing this, I had a blog in wordpress and then, i promptly moved it to blogger. Blogger does not have such restrictions you see.

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