Sunday, March 04, 2007

A list of good and free blogger templates providers

Blogger templates are available for free on many sites.
But many of them often don't suite our taste!!
Here are my small list of "good" sites giving free blogspot templates.
An Indonesian blogger has a good collection of three column template designs
A very good collection of 2 column blogger template. It is really cool and
A Singaporean student has given out some good blogspot templates for free.
Vaious themes like Tour De France, Desperate Housewives, Harry Potter and Yoga
A huge repository of user contributed template for blogger and other sites like
xanga also.
Very good collection of 2 columned templates for blogspot !!
Contains both text only and graphical version of Blog templates. There are also
instructions on how to use Blogger templates.
This site has some popular blogspot template designs

These are just some site which I found useful !!
You can post any other links, if you have one !!


Gis said...

Just to tell you guys I have some free templates up in here that id like to share!!

Timethy Jones said...

Here are some :

Anonymous said...

Hello all,
While I surf blog , i found a all new trick in

Vistor can comment and EMBED VIDEO YOUTUBE , IMAGE. Showed Immediately!
EX : View Source.
(add photos and videos to Blogspot comments).
Written it very smart!
I wonder how they do it ? Anyone know about this , please tell me :D
(sr for my bad english ^_^)


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