Monday, May 07, 2007

Stop google from saving your search queries !!

Do you want to stop google from saving your search queries and search google in a more secure manner ??

Here is a small wonder called scandoo, which allows you to search google in exactly same manner as the original google. But it also scans the individual pages in the search results and warns you if any of them contains malicious items in it!! That is its wonder !!

You have other benefits with this also:

You can hide yourself from google and stop google from saving your ip and search keywords.

You can stop opening offensive content (kinda NSFW) at office. This displays a X sign near the result, if the site contains any offensive material. Also, this sites gives you an option to select various categories which should be considered offensive.

You also have yahoo search and msn search here. (But, every search is not integerated with the other one)



Ray Allen said...

Can someone help me I need wireless data collection tool for my Blackberry and Motorola that will let me do custom forms, such as wireless inspection form. Forms need to support drop down menus, GPS, check boxes, bar coding, and capture photos. Can someone help me please?

Travis Diener said...

I have been working in a construction business for about 2 years and we found a solution that does this. We use it for wireless bar code reading and GPS tracking. The best part is we can customize the forms on-the-fly which saves us a lot of time over a customized solution, also they do wireless inspection form. Company name is Westlake Software out of Los Angeles I think. There website is Their product is call They made a custom Extranet for us for our company to use but their main product site is We found this service set up to make it pretty easy for us to migrate the information to our back office system. We use the technology and route it to 40 different servers nationally; has worked flawlessly for about three years. I would definitely recommend them.
Travis Diener, VP IT


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