Wednesday, February 06, 2008

iPhone in India : Poll result analysis

Yes.. These are the results and statistics for the poll featured on this blog.
"iPhone in india"

Results Dump:

Will you buy the much awaited and hyped iPhone, when it is officially released in India?

Definetely, yes! (11%)

Yes, but only if the price drops further! (40%)

If someone from US gifts me! (8%)

No..It is not worth the money and the hype! (20%)

No..I would go for other alternatives... (20%)


* This statistics is applicable to the elite population who can afford computer and internet connection.

* Since this is a technology blog, i assume that most of it's readers are techie people who have good interest in Internet and Technology.

Interesting Inferences and Statistics:

* It is certain that about 10% of the techies are ready to grab a piece when its officially released in india. (must be elites who can easily afford iPhone)

* It is certain that about 60% techies in india are crazy about the iphone,

* Nearly two-third of iPhone crazy population are sestitive to the price. They are ready to grab one if the price drops to indian levels. I would not give a second thought to get one if the price comes around 12,000 Rs.

* two-fifth of the whole techie population feel either iPhone is over hyped or believe that there are better alternatives to iPhone.

Please share your thoughts in comments section.

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